What's a Food Incubator Anyway?


Food business is not for the faint of heart. Just getting your feet off the ground can be tricky. From the start, there's a long checklist to consider: Do you have a food handler's license? A commercial grade facility? How do you find customers? Set up insurance? Navigate spreadsheets? Develop a distribution plan? For foodpreneurs, barriers to entry are high and success rates are low. 

The purpose of a food incubator is to lower barriers to entry and to provide food entrepreneurs with a pathway for success. The incubator provides inexpensive access to a licensed commercial kitchen and a way to test the waters, without taking on a lot of debt or risk. The incubator model stimulates a collaborative environment; it's more than a shared stove, but it is sharing of connections and of best practices.  

We're optimistic that with the support of an incubator, we will see more small, independent businesses achieve greater success in the community.