Launch Program

Do you have an idea, but need support to get started?

Go from recipe to real business with the support of the Launch Program.

The 4-month program offers access to: 

  • Weekly start-up courses on key topics in food business, including how to set up a legal food startup, develop sales and marketing strategies, a profitable business model, and how to effectively pitch your food startup
  • Access to utilize Kitchen 66's commercial facility *Pending requirements
  • Sales opportunities through K66 sales resources, including takeovers of the K66 Cafe, Food & Beverage Demonstrations, and mobile pop-ups at farmers markets
  • Support from Kitchen 66's community of food entrepreneurs
  • Promotion from Kitchen 66 on platforms including social media, news features, and on K66's website 


Application:  Applications for the Fall 2018 Launch Program will open in Summer of 2018.

Tuition: TBA


Who is an ideal candidate?

We seek motivated and ambitious food makers who are eager to take their recipe to the next level. Come ready to test, formalize, and expand your concept. Possible startup concepts include prepared food products, catering and food services, agricultural products, or programs that support sustainable food. 

The Launch 1.0 is appropriate for people who are eager to commercialize their food idea. The program is designed to help you define and execute your business proposition, beginning with mapping your launch plan. 

What does success look like at graduation?

A successful graduate will walk away with...

  • An established, legal food business
  • A tested and validated product concept
  • A developed brand identity
  • A sustainable pricing structure and business model 
  • A sales and marketing strategy

What is the time commitment?

Launch 1.0 Entrepreneurs are required to attend a day-long Boot Camp, as well as weekly classes every Monday evening from 5pm-7pm *Entrepreneurs are expected to devote additional time outside of class to ensure their startup succeed.

I feel like my business is established, and I need more advanced help than the Launch Program curriculum provides, like help scaling my business. Is there an option for me?

Advanced business consulting is available upon approval. Please inquire with Program Director Adele Beasley at