About Kitchen 66

Kitchen 66 (K66) is Tulsa's kickstart kitchen, and Tulsa's first food incubator. We support Tulsa food entrepreneurs by providing key resources needed to succeed: affordable commercial kitchen space, business development programs, and sales support. This support includes a 4 month Launch Program, which teaches aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to know about starting a food business including licensing, pricing, marketing, basic accounting, and more! To apply to our Launch Program, visit www.kitchen66tulsa.com/apply today!

    The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation founded the Kitchen 66 program in 2015 in effort to grow Tulsa's local food community, promote entrepreneurial thinking, and spur economic development. You can find three Kitchen 66 graduates with their own restaurants in the Mother Road Market and dozens more in our General Store!

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    Since 2016, Kitchen 66 has served over 70 food entrepreneurs from diverse business categories and backgrounds:

    • 47% of Kitchen 66 members are people of color.
    • Over 50% of Kitchen 66 members are women-owned businesses.
    • Kitchen 66 has immigrants from over 10 different countries.
    • 16% of Kitchen 66 members are at or below the poverty line.
    • 43% of Kitchen 66 members are self-employed