Elepantry's Half-Dozens

Elepantry's Half-Dozens


Treat your office or friends to Elepantry's Baker's Dozen treat box! Order by Wednesday at noon for Friday morning pick-up at Kitchen 66 or 36 Degrees North! 

Pick-Up Time: Friday, June 1st after 9:00am

About Elepantry's Baker's Dozen

The Baker's Dozen box comes with a selection of Elepantry's favorite baked goods, including a selection of cookies, muffins, rusks, and tarts. Each box includes 13 delicious treats. 


Pick-up locations:

1. 36 Degrees North (36 E Cameron St)

2. Kitchen 66 (907 S Detroit Ave)


About Elepantry

Elepantry is Tulsa's European-style bakery. 

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